Cloud Security Service

Most of today’s security products—such as firewalls, VPN, IDS/IPS —protect corporate networks and servers from threats coming from the Internet. Newer threats, such as bots, phishing, and malicious active content, target end-users accessing Internet resources and infect corporate networks. Other than deploying caching and URL filtering products, corporations have done very little to inspect userinitiated traffic and protect their users.

Web 2.0 applications, such as social and business networking, create both opportunities and challenges. They help create communities of interest for marketing, but also create risks when users inadvertently download malicious content, or create liability when employees publish inappropriate or confidential content on blogs and social networks. Road warriors and smartphone users further exacerbate this problem—their access to the Internet often bypasses all security controls.

Imagine a world in which each company generated its own power. In addition to purchasing and installing generators, organizations would have to hire staff for the maintenance and repair of those generators. By contrast, the plug-and-play electricity used today seems incredibly convenient and cost-effective. Similarly, the cottage industry of security will slowly disappear; organizations are moving away from buying and maintaining numerous security end point application in favor of an in-the-cloud security service.

GajShield enriches user experience for Internet access, while providing risk mitigation and policy enforcement for CEOs and CISOs through its in-the-cloud service. Organizations do not need to purchase, deploy, or manage countless point products. Companies simply define their corporate security, control, and compliance policy by accessing the GajShield service. The web traffic leaving the PC is easily redirected to data centers in GajShield’s global infrastructure or Cloud maintained by the organisation. End user traffic bound for the Internet is allowed, blocked, or throttled based on an organisation’s policy. As the browser retrieves the web pages, GajShield scans it for a range of malware threats and delivers clean traffic to the end user. GajShield service is not a firewall, intrusion prevention, or email security solution—which are focused on protecting either the network or corporate servers from outside-in threats. GajShield’s focus is to protect the end user, who is accessing Internet resources.

Most organizations have multiple Internet gateways; each gateway is a potential entry point for an attacker and requires multiple point products to secure. GajShield’s integrated and comprehensive functionality provides security and control for any user, any device, at any location without the need for multiple point products. Traffic from each firewall or device is simply redirected to the GajShield cloud. This is the only practical approach to secure road warriors

The GajShield cloud eliminates the cost of acquiring point products, the cost of deploying them, and the costs of maintaining them. Organizations pay an annual subscription fee to use the service. GajShield allows IT administrators and security analysts to focus on defining and enforcing company policy, rather than spending their precious time managing and updating appliances.

GajShield Cloud Functionality

GajShield provides an integrated, best-of-breed, and comprehensive functionality. It allows organizations to create common, granular policies for various areas. It has an intuitive user interface, so that use of the service literally requires no training. There are three key areas of functionality: secure, manage, and comply GajShield inspects all outbound and inbound web traffic to protect enterprises from these threats.

  • Viruses & Spyware: The Known Threats.
  • GajShield inspects and protects against known viruses and worms using signature and heuristic technologies.
  • GajShield’s architecture provides inspection at many times the speed of most competitive products, ensuring full protection without introducing latency. In addition, spyware is a pervasive and significant security risk. GajShield antispyware detects and stops a range of spyware, including malicious Trojans, system monitors, keyloggers, and adware.
  • Web traffic is increasingly being encrypted using the SSL protocol. If an organization selects SSL decryption policy, GajShield allows that organization to decrypt SSL traffic to detect and block hidden malicious content or outgoing sensitive information.
  • As the traditional perimeter is vanishing, with enterprises connecting to their customers and partners, data leakage is becoming an expensive, burdensome problem. Employees, whether their intent is innocent or malicious, can easily send a Webmail or IM with confidential information.Information can be posted on social networks and blogs instantaneously. Private information, such as consumers’ Social Security and credit card numbers, is protected by government regulations and leakage creates legal liabilities and harms brand reputation. Further, leaks of sensitive company information risk financial loss.
  • Several companies have emerged to offer specialized solutions to prevent data leakage. These solutions often require extensive implementation and consulting services. They are also just another point solution to be added to an already-crowded perimeter gateway. Not surprisingly, less than 5% enterprises have deployed data loss prevention (DLP) solutions today.
  • GajShield DLP solution provide indepth visibility to the data which is sent out of your corporate asset



  • No end point security product required, improves performance
  • Mobile users comply to company policies even when they are not in the network
  • Central policies with ease of management for mobile users
  • High end infrastructure protecting cloud user