Complete Visibility

Complete Visibility


Cybersecurity is never a static, one-time initiative. It is an ongoing process that should always be top-of-mind for CSOs, CIOs, and other IT leaders. To that end, technology and security leaders should always have access to information regarding the security of their enterprise networks. In fact, not just the leaders but even employees need real-time network visibility to report any damage to or illicit use of the organization’s IT resources. And ensuring enterprise-wide network visibility should be a priority even if the organization uses the most cutting-edge cybersecurity tools and technologies. That’s because cybersecurity systems, while generally being effective at keeping bad actors out and sensitive data in, cannot keep your network protected all the time and from all threats. There can always emerge newer forms of threats that may require the immediate attention of an enterprise’s cybersecurity personnel and leaders. And the time it takes between a threat’s incipience and the cybersecurity team’s awareness of it can be the difference between security and enterprise-wide mayhem.

GajShield uses Contextual Intelligence Engine and Combines it with advanced reporting capabilities of GajOS: Bulwark for Enterprises to augment their traditional layer 3 (network level) security with a layer 7 (application level) security solutions and deep dive past than just the layer 7 to Data Context to create contextual information. GajShield Firewalls perform Data Layer inspection that are more capable of performing deeper inspection for using data context and analyze a broader range of parameters to determine the safety and legitimacy of communications and transactions.

The most compelling reason as to why network visibility is a must for network security is simply that it is impossible to protect what you can’t see. An enterprise network must be monitored to every nook and corner. That means having real-time knowledge of:

  • Every piece of information that is transmitted to, from, and within the organizational network.

  • Every byte of data that is stored on-site as well as in remote data centers (or cloud servers).

  • All the devices used by the enterprise, which includes all the hand-held devices used by employees, their computers, and IoT sensors placed in factories and other remote locations.

  • All the applications that run on and interact with these devices.

  • The source and destination (URLs, email IDs, etc.) of every inbound and outbound communication.

GajShield enables organizations with greater in-depth data layer visibility more than just the application context, extending the visibility to more data context like Email ID, Sender ID, recipient ID, CC mentions, Subject, Mail Body, Signature, File Content, downloader, uploader etc. across web traffic and Saas applications. Monitoring all of these elements ensures that the organizations know the state of their cybersecurity at all times. Network visibility ensures that cybersecurity personnel can identify abnormal behaviors that may indicate potential cyber threats. This capability can be especially useful in mitigating the impact of a zero-day attacks.

Using GajOS Bulwark, GajShield Next Generation Firewall appliance provides

  • Complete visibility of the applications and bandwidth used.
  • Complete visibility of evasive applications like P2P and Skype application.
  • Complete insight on :
    • Content upload via Web uploads ex: webmail, Social networking sites, Blogs, Instant Messaging, Mail.
    • Content sent through email.
    • Content sent through Instant Messaging.
  • Comprehensive reporting on :
    • Top Internet Users.
    • Top Bandwidth Users.
    • User/Group Activity.
    • Application Traffic.
    • P2P Usage.
    • URL/Category Usage.
    • Total Internet Traffic.
    • Application Traffic, Total Traffic, Application set and application detail.
    • Web Browsing by URL, Category and User.
    • Trend Analysis of applications, users and bandwidth.
    • Current, Daily, Monthly, Yearly reports And much more.