Top Reasons to choose GajShield Next Generation Firewall Appliances

Value Proposition

GajShield Firewall solutions helps in keeping threats away from the organization right at the gateway level. We understand the cyber threat space and have created solutions that helps in securing the organization from threats that are often left unnoticed. We use the latest and the greatest of technologies like the Contextual Intelligence Engine©, Machine Learning etc. for an Intelligent Security Solutions combined with Advanced Deep Visibility for ultimate security.

Key Capabilities of GajShield

  • Protect Data In Motion
    Data to any organization is a valuable asset. We protect data in motion using our Data Leak Prevention Solution that uses inputs from Contextual Intelligence Engine and identifies important data and protects from leaving out of the network.
  • Advanced Visibility
    Visibility is the key to cyber security and thus having an overview is not enough. Our GajOS Bulwark features advanced reporting for Greater visibility across the network supporting various logs and packet information essential for security.

  • Contextual Intelligence
    Contextual Intelligence Engine is a technology that allows to gain advanced visibility of data transaction over applications that uses network using deep inspection to create application context for advanced cyber security. Our Contextual Intelligence Engine captures various contextual data from across various applications for ultimate contextual security that the traditional firewall cannot provide. 

  • VCP Approach for Security
    VCP is a 3 step approach to network security that takes key elements of cyber security i.e Visibility, Control & Protection and combines with GajShield’s proprietary technologies and solutions to ensure optimized security.
  • Visibility in SaaS applications
    With GajShield Advanced Visibility capability, extend your visibility even to the Saas Mailling, file sharing, File uploading/Downloading, cloud data storage, instant messenger and social media platforms for complete monitoring on these business and non-business applications.
  • Deployment Flexibility
    GajShield Next Generation Firewalls supports multiple platform and can be deployed on Public Cloud, Private Cloud and On-Premise. This allows organizations to maintain security irrespective of their infrastructure.

  • Cloud Security As a Service
    GajShield enriches user experience for Internet access, while providing risk mitigation and policy enforcement for CEOs and CISOs through its in-the-cloud service. Organizations do not need to purchase, deploy, or manage countless point products. Companies simply define their corporate security, control, and compliance policy by accessing the GajShield service. The web traffic leaving the PC is easily redirected to data centers in GajShield's global infrastructure or Cloud maintained by the organization. End user traffic bound for the Internet is allowed, blocked, or throttled based on an organization’s policy. As the road warrior retrieves the data from the Internet, GajShield scans it for a range of malware threats. GajShield enforces enterprise policies, even monitors and prevents data leaks from these mobiles users.

  • Granular Reporting
    Using intelligence from our Contextual Intelligence Engine combined with the power of advanced reporting from GajOS: Bulwark, gain deeper and granular details across various applications including File content, Sender & Recipient, Subject, Body, File Upload, Download and a lot more various information.
  • Protect from Internal Threat
    At GajShield, we understand the threat vectors and help organizations to protect from the commonly ignored intentional and unintentional internal threats using Our Next Generation Firewall.
  • Protect from External Threats
    Using Advanced Threat Protections and Intelligent Sanboxing technique, GajShield help in protecting form external threats. At GajShield Threat Lab we update our more than 60,000 signatures every hour.
  • Signature-less Threat Protection
    Signature-less protection is an essential complement to traditional AV technologies, security experts agree. By proactively scanning the Internet and identifying massive virus outbreaks as soon as they emerge, GajShield's Zero-Hour (Zero-Day) Solution provides just that: proactive virus blocking that is effective and signature-independent. 
  • Roaming Users
    Roaming users are the most accessible and easy target for a lot of attackers. Protecting them while they are out of organization’s secured network is most important as these users possess a lot of important data and can act as the gateway for cyber-attacks. Using Enterprise Cloud, we enforce roaming users to route all network traffic through the firewall at HO, bringing them under a secured network.
  • Unified Platform for Network Security
    GajOS Bulwark is our platform for complete firewall management. With the power of advanced visibility, Bulwark is the ultimate place for reporting, firewall, security and network management, all in one place.

  • Pro-Active Security
    GajShield UTM Appliances leverages the Layer 7 application visibility to identify exactly which application, threat vector and user makes the network vulnerable and increases visibility, security and performance. Using best of breed technology GajShield UTM appliance identify and detection fast moving exploits like spams, viruses etc. It allows to create users based policies across Firewall, IPS, URL Filtering (Proxy with Caching and Inline), Data Leak Prevention, ISP Failover and Bandwidth Management, P2P & IM control whereby giving granular and complete control of the Security implementation.
  • Protection against network Threat vectors
    At GajShield, we believe in securing threat vectors that acts as a gateway for a lot of threats. Such threat vectors are, Web, Email, Roaming Users and Saas applications. With solutions like, Enterprise Cloud, Email Security, ATP and DLP, we safeguard the organization.