Gajshield Launches ‘nu’ Series Next Generation Appliances With Security Acceleration

GajShield announced the launch of GS ‘nu’ series range of next generation firewalls appliances, GS15nu, GS20nu and GS40nu, for its SOHO and SMB range of firewall appliances. These Next Generation firewall appliances have been designed to provide security and network acceleration with improved throughputs and performance. These firewall appliances help to provide growing needs of complete security for small to medium enterprises.

GS15nu incorporates Next Generation firewall capabilities like Application Filtering, Content Filtering, Malware Detection and Prevention, VPN, Intrusion Prevention System. Its Performance Management has Traffic Analysis, Network behavior analysis, Policy based ISP Failover and Load Balancing as well as Bandwidth Management. Enterprises can opt for GS20nu or GS40nu for additional Data Leak Prevention System and Cloud Security. With these appliances, organizations will be provided with a complete visibility into various threats and performance inhibitors and will be informed on proactive security measures.

The new firewall appliances offer security applications with high performance and throughputs. With the Next Generation Ultimate design, small to medium enterprises do not have to compromise on their security to get performance or vice-versa. This design will help enterprise to get the entire security feature with high performance. GajShield’s new appliances will offer future technology upgrades with an easy and cost-effective option in the organizational networks. Sonit Jain, CEO at GajShield said “We are happy to launch the new series of enterprise class Next Generation firewall appliances GS15nu GS20nu and GS40nu products for small to medium enterprises. These appliances will provide the complete security stack, which was only available to large enterprises, with high performance. Addition of these appliances to our product portfolio has further strengthened our security offerings which gives next generation security performance to even SOHO and small enterprises.”