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26th November 2018   Since 2002

Security is a serious business. Organisations keep security as their last priority and do not make it a part of their business process, ending up giving it the least priority. It is always implemented as an after thought. Data protection has assumed tremendous importance. According to security firm, Gemalto, about 3.24 million records across industries were stolen, in India in the year 2017. Failure to protect data can prove fatal to enterprises.

Security is often compared with Health industry, where actions are taken only post a fatal event. Doctors are consulted when it becomes utmost important, till than no decisions are made. Same goes with security. As ignoring health can prove fatal to your life, ignoring security can prove fatal to your business. Government of India has proposed a persoanl data protection bill. If passed, it can bring serious cost implication for data breaches. 

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Amazon breach may have hit Indian users 

The data breach that hit Amazon globally is likely to have impacted customers in India as well, as per industry experts, given that it had a global impact, with users in Europe and the US reporting having received alert mails from the company. 

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Higher penalty on cards for not reporting data breaches 

The government wants to impose higher penalties on companies that fail to immediately report incidents of data breach of Indian users to the authorities, a senior government official has said adding that the current ones are too low. 

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Beware! This Flaw in Google Maps Could Cost You Money!

It has been found that a flaw in Google Maps has allowed scammers in Maharashtra to edit the contact details and addresses of major banks, by which they have been able to scam bank customers into revealing their bank details like CVV and ATM PINs. According to Google’s User Generated Content policy, any user can edit the numbers and details on the platform.

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