Why the Future of Firewall Security will be Context Based?

Future of Firewall Security is Context based

Rise in adoption of mobile, social and cloud technologies has created the need for a more proactive and context-based approach to managing firewall security

For years, business organizations followed a rather reactive approach to managing IT firewall security. Every time there was a new type of attack, security vendors would come up with a new solution to combat that threat. This approach worked very well till users accessed computers in controlled work environments. The company could easily monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic. But in today’s multi-channel environment, where users stay connected through a plethora of mobile devices and web-based apps, the security threats and vulnerabilities have only increased. According to PWC’s Global Information Security Survey 2015, the number of security incidents detected in 2014 was 48% higher than the previous year.

Multiple access devices and touch points have given hackers more options for entering corporate networks, without being easily detected. Therefore, the traditional models of security management are proving insufficient. There is a need to adopt a new approach to managing security - one that is more proactive, sensitive and context-based. 

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   Some of the key benefits that
   enterprises can get by implem-
   enting context-based firewall
   security are:

  • Improved Decision-Making
  • Better Focus, Faster Response
  • Detecting Advanced Threats
  • Operational Savings
  • Access Control & Authentication