Gajshield's Data Leak Prevention

Data Leak Prevention

Data volume has been growing exponentially, dramatically increasing opportunities for theft and accidental disclosure of sensitive information. By 2020 the digital universe — the data we create and copy annually — will reach 44 zettabytes, or 44 trillion gigabytes. This reality, along with increases in the portability of data, employee mobility and penalties for failing to comply with strict data protection regulations such as the EU GDPR and New York Cybersecurity Requirements raise the question: “What more can organizations do to protect themselves and their stakeholders?” An integral part of the answer is data loss prevention (DLP).

Numerous examples of accidental and deliberate data leakage continue to make headlines and data leak prevention (DLP) technologies are being touted as a panacea. Unfortunately, given the scope, size, and distributed nature of most enterprise datasets, just discovering where the data is and who owns it is a challenge. For most organizations, controlling the applications most often used to leak sensitive data and stopping unauthorized transmission of files, credit card and social security numbers and their ilk would be acceptable. Many organizations would like to monitor the files uploaded by their employee and then have control to block such uploads. Exerting that control at trust boundaries is ideal – whether the demarcation point is between inside and outside, the firewall sits on the perfect spot, seeing all traffic.

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  • Detection & Prevention of data leaks.
  • Set policies to monitor/block data leaks via Email, File upload & Chats.
  • Set policies to allow read only access to corporate email/social networking.
  • In-depth reporting of data moving out of network.
  • Policies can be set based on users, groups. Also based on the application context.