International Women's Day is celebrated in many countries around the world. It is a day when women are recognized for their achievements without regards to national divisions, ethnic, linguistic, cultural, economic or political barriers.
It is a day where the whole world comes together to celebrate the special contributions that the women make to our society in all walks of life! With International women’s day just around the corner, we at GajShield uncovered some facts about women in the security domain.

According to the statistics by tripwire, women represent only 11 percent of the entire cybersecurity workforce worldwide which is extremely worrisome. While women are making so much progress in all the fields, what would possibly be the reason for women to not opt for the cybersecurity domain? We uncovered varied reasons as to why women avoid stepping into the cyber security domain from women themselves. From their perception of it being a male dominated field, to the struggle in our education system when it comes to overcoming stereotypes and the lack of role models in this sector there were varied responses cited by women themselves that contributed to the low response by women in this industry.

While these are majorly some of the reasons for women avoiding stepping into the male dominated IT security domain, job security, competitive pay are some other reasons for less women workforce worldwide.

While the lack of diversity in this sector is no longer a secret, companies are now actively seeking women for this industry. Some of the reasons commonly cited from women who either leave or avoid the cyber security industry altogether is a lack of female role models, stereotypes and pay gaps.

For that very reason, it is critical that women enter the field and pave the way for others who may have a passion or interest for the field but are dissuaded by the boy’s club image. We sincerely believe that women are nowhere less than men when it comes to any field and that they can, in fact do better!

On this international women’s day, GajShield has come up with a unique campaign, #WomenInSecurity to felicitate some really strong women who have dared to do the unconventional, pursued their dreams and are doing brilliantly well in the IT Security sector!


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Shweta Bang says, "managing the
security of your organisation is
a 24x7 thing and I have been 
working in this sector since
11 years in securing
my organisation".

Jayshree Kharwa has been
handling the security of her
organization since 7 years. She
expressed her opinion saying,
“No challenges were faced as
such, in fact, I learnt a lot from
this sector!

Shubhangi Dawkhar has been
managing the security of her 
organizational network since the
last 6 years and has been doing 
exceptionally well. She encourages
more women to actively be a part
of this domain. 

Dipali Pillai
 has been handling network security since 5 years and she firmly believes to grab every opportunity to learn new things.
She says, “If you get a chance, learn
new things, it will always help you in
some or the other way “
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Prachi Mule has been working
in the network security domain
since a year now. She conveys
a message to all the women by
saying, May all women be free
to dream, express, create and 
live their deepest heart’s desires!!

Swati Birajdar has been working in the network security domain since the past 6 months and says the experience has been very positive! She intends to motivate more and
more girls to join security.

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Deepali Parekh
 expresses that she has been working in this sector from the lasr 2 years, 4 months and that she feels more women should definitely be a part of network security. She receives tremendous help and support from her colleagues from time to time.

Sabita Mohapatra,
has been in the Network security sector since 12 months now. She admits, it was initially difficult to communicate with people from core IT. The process of learning has been very motivating and that she absolutely loves what she’s doing!

Gayatri Patil has been working in the network security domain since the past 1 year and says the experience has been really overwhelming and she absolutely loves her work! Gayatri says
she'd love to see more women in security in 

Sharmin Bagwan 
says, time was a major constraint why women wouldn’t prefer network security. However, with changing scenario, time shouldn’t be the one reason keeping immeasurable growth opportunities away from 
a woman’s reach.



Team GajShield salutes these women who decided to follow their dreams, GajShield promotes #WomeninSecurity and aims to motivate more and more women to join the security sector.

This International woman’s day, we encourage all the women out there to pursue their dreams, no matter how unconventional they may be. We believe if you dream it, you surely can achieve it!

We at GajShield believe that It is imperative that women set themselves free from this stigma associated with joining network security as they can truly do as well as the men counterparts or even better in network security! To support women in security, we at GajShield have come together to take a noble initiative in our hands.

On the occasion of women’s day, GajShield encourages women who wish to pursue cybersecurity or be a part of the network security and to help this cause, we are arranging an absolutely free of cost training session to all women to help them come forward and pursue a career in network security. This training session is our initiative to bring about a change and to empower women in network security.

For details about the training session, kindly get in touch with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.