Zero hour Malware Protection - AntiVirus/AntiSpam

Zero hour protection

Advance threat protection is a solution that helps keep a lot of zero-day and advanced threats away from entering an organization’s network. These threats are usually engineered to be disguised as good traffic and evade security measures used by the target organization. These can be a malicious file, URL or a constructed mail for such a planned attack.

GajShield’s Intelligent Sandboxing technique uses machine learning identifies a malicious file and sandboxes it in a virtual environment, away from the organization’s network to traps malwares that are injected.

The ATP combined with advanced Machine Learning capability that understands and learns usage pattern and finds outlier to identify suspicious traffic for further process by the security engines for preventing zero-day threats and keeping them away from the network. The inputs from such a learned patters is further combined as User Entity Behavior Analyses(UEBA) that creates a pattern of a user and their network activities to identify suspicious activity and keep the cyber security team informed of it.

Today's viruses, worms and Trojans target the primary weakness in anti-virus technology: the time it takes for new signatures or heuristics to be developed and distributed. GajShield Next Generation firewall appliances, integrates Zero-Hour (Zero-Day) Virus Outbreak Protection to shield enterprises in the earliest moments of malware outbreaks, and right through as new variants emerge.

A new trend is being witnessed in which large quantities of Trojans and other viruses are being missed by traditional signature based and heuristic antivirus engines increasing the risk for organizations.


Intelligent Sandboxing:

Intelligent sandbox creates a virtual environment away from organization’s network and runs the suspicious file to identifies malware injected. Our Intelligent Sandboxing technique is advanced that identifies not only general malware but also malware injected in sleep mode for it to remain in hibernation mode and attack once it sits in the network for over a period of time. The sandbox intelligently emulates clicks and key strokes to activate malicious files that are trigger sensitive.

GajShield Threat Lab:

GajShield Threat Lab stores a database of all Proactive virus and malware detection. GajShield Threat is a robust and inherent immune system that integrates Zero-Hour (Zero-Day) Virus Outbreak Protection to shield enterprises in the earliest moments of malware outbreaks, and right through as new variants emerge. By proactively scanning the Internet and identifying massive virus outbreaks as soon as they emerge, proactive virus blocking is effective and signature independent. At the Threat Lab a database of real-time spam outbreaks is collected and compiled and maintained, through consultation with global Internet Service Providers. Patterns are analyzed, categorized, and cross-matched using algorithms, run to optimize the detection of repeating patterns and their sources. This database, containing approximately over six million signatures, is continuously updated with more than 30,000 new unique signatures added hourly.


Signature-less protection is an essential complement to traditional AV technologies, security experts agree. By proactively scanning the Internet and identifying massive virus outbreaks as soon as they emerge, GajShield's Zero-Hour (Zero-Day) Solution provides just that: proactive virus blocking that is effective and signature-independent.

Gateway Defence:

GajShield Firewall sits at the gateway and acts as the first point of encounter to all cyber threats. Its proactive security helps in defending cyber-attacks, real-time. It deals with the threats at the gateway, keeping threats away from the organization’s network thus, maintaining a cleaner network environment.


GajShield provides enterprises the proactive virus detection they need to close the early-hour vulnerability gap during which millions of users are infected. GajShield's proactive virus detection capabilities ensure users' protection hours before signatures are released. 

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The most impactful technology in the world of cyber defense, as has been in every other field, will be artificial intelligence and machine learning. AI and ML-based cybersecurity solutions will become a necessity in the future of cybersecurity as traditional means will become incapable of mitigating the risks posed by ever-evolving malware, hacks, and other types of cyber-attacks. AI-based self-learning applications will become a standard part of cybersecurity teams’ toolkits that will ensure continued protection against evolving risks.


Robust and inherently immune to emerging foiling attempts, GajShield has a proven record of being the first and highest performing among proactive virus control solutions. GajShield's Zero-Hour Virus Outbreak Protection are powered by GajShield Threat Lab, which has a track record of protecting million of users globally.


  • Ransomware Protection
  • Malware Protection
  • Multiple spam classification
  • Image-based spam Filtering
  • Recurrent Pattern Detection on POP3, SMTP & SMTPS-SSL
  • Independent of Content, Format, Language
  • Real-time Blacklist (RBL), MIME header check
  • Filter based on message header, size, sender, recipient, subject line tagging
  • Zero hour Virus Outbreak
  • Anti-botnet security
  • Quarantine folder for Spams.