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The All New

Contextual Intelligence Engine

With the ability to Look beyond just application usage, contextual intelligence engine gains visibility at different levels, deeper than Current firewall for ultimate cyber defence.



Complete visibility on Network traffic to implement better security policies.


Deep Inspection

Deep dive into data by inspecting application and data context.


Better Security

understand usage insight and Identify data anomalies to protects from zero-day threats.

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Data logs (DLP)

Data being the most Important asset to any organization, it is very much a need for the organization to understand the use of it. Data Logs take you deep into Data context to understand usage with a Better Data transaction Logs of SaaS applications

Mail Logs

Emails being the primary means for official communication usually becomes an intentional or unintentional threat vector for many organizations. With GajOS: Bulwark, gain complete visibility on mails and attachment contexts. Communications logs helps to curate and implement policies for best of security.

Better Compliance Check

GajOS: Bulwark understands data usage to distinguish personal and official data usage. It Keeps complete track of Compliance Policies Adherence within employees along with a detailed log while restricting network usage for personal use.

File Upload Logs

File Sharing applications helps us in many ways to do extraordinary things that sometimes it can also be misused. Bulwark helps you keep complete track of file sharing activity on the internet network so that the organizations can choose to allow what type and content can be shared over.


A Powerfull Reporting

Experience the power of drill downed reporting system. Bulwark’s reporting system generates reports that are filled with necessary, important and useful information.

Top Attacks

Top Attacks, Top Attackers and Top Viruses real-time report on policy violation helps in maintaining a strong security at place.

Daily Report

Never miss an update on network activities with daily report time scheduling to receive reports on mail.

Advanced Search

Filter to important report details with advanced search filtering like User name, IP, BYOD Devices, Keywords and many more.


Firewall Management

Firewall management is the core to security. The need for excellent management and maintenance becomes key. Firewall management is one area where you don't want to get this wrong. An ease of user experience with improved user interface allows efficient policy implementation and user management, just clicks away.

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