Wish you a very happy Diwali and a safe and secure New Year 2019


Wish you all a very Happy Diwali and a Secure New Year. Securing a company will always remain a challenge. The cost of data breaches in India has doubled in the last 5 years. From smaller companies to large enterprises, no one is immune to cyber attacks, many of which go unreported. Almost, 22,000 Indian companies were attacked from April 2017 to January 2018, India business being the top victims of ransomware attacks worldwide.

Securing an organisation has to be more practical. A copy book style will not work. There are just too many ways that protections can be breached. Many a times, we are not even sure, whether our gates have already been broken. Each aspect of protecting an organisation has to viewed holistically and an approach, not being overbearing on users, will go a long way.

More often we make our security too complicated and end up mis-managing it. Any security implementation should begin with knowing what to protect and understanding the attack vectors. You need to create your own defence rings around your data with a zero trust approach, assuming all access points are vulnerable and will be compromised. Once this is understood, it becomes very easy to secure your data.

Hope, this year we will have fewer breaches and a more secure year, ahead.