Do I need cybersecurity for my small business?

If you're a small business owner, you might probably dismiss cybersecurity as a non-priority. Seeing the number of data breaches on big-name corporations that are reported almost every day, you may think it’s only those corporations that need to worry about cybersecurity. But, you would be surprised to find that 58% of cyber attack victims happen to be small businesses like you. That’s because, on a risk-reward spectrum for cyber attackers, small businesses lie right in the sweet spot between an individual who has very little valuable data and low security, and a corporation that has a lot of valuable data but is more risky and difficult to penetrate. This makes cybersecurity for small businesses as important as, or even more so than that for larger enterprises.

In addition to being prone to increased risk, small businesses also face much more devastating consequences to cyber attacks than their larger counterparts. That’s because while the bigger enterprises have enough financial resources and IT expertise to help them recover from cyber attacks, small businesses lack both of these. Small businesses also lack the redundancy measures that major corporations build for themselves to function despite cyber attacks. It is not surprising then, that 60% of small businesses go out of business within half a year of a cyber attack.

Thus, not only are small businesses more vulnerable to cyber attacks but also have more to lose if hit by one. To prevent your business from facing such consequences, it’s wise to have appropriate preemptive cybersecurity measures in place. Investing in cybersecurity solutions can even impact your business’s bottom line by helping you prevent unnecessary and avoidable costs. However, that does not mean that cybersecurity for small businesses should necessarily be a time or resource intensive process. All a small-sized business needs to do is look for cybersecurity vendors who understand the problems that are unique to small enterprises. We at GajShield, offer solutions that cater to the security needs of businesses, with cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions without burdening your limited resources.