Build post-COVID cyber immunity with a data security approach

COVID-19 has accelerated organizations’ shift to the digital landscape, and remote working has become the new norm. This has allowed businesses to continue their operations remotely, but it has also increased the potential entry points for cybercriminals. Cybercriminals are taking advantage of this remote working situation to find potholes in organizational cybersecurity. Hence, organizations need to boost their cyber immunity post-COVID with a data security approach to prevent any data loss.

How a data security approach can enhance cyber immunity post COVID

Instead of monitoring just the network through which data is transferred, a data security approach monitors and secures the data itself, thereby enhancing cyber immunity.

Contextual data leak prevention

Email is the most commonly used mode for business communications. Cybercriminals, therefore, attack email the most. Contextual data leak prevention can create context around email content by analyzing granular details and prevent any cyberattack.

Enterprise cloud security

Remote workers often use personal devices and public WiFi to access enterprise applications. Cyber attackers can hack employees’ personal devices that use public WiFi to access confidential data. With an Enterprise Cloud security solution, you can create custom policies to route any access request to your head office firewall for better inspection, and enhance data security.

Application filtering

A remote workforce needs various enterprise and third-party applications to increase its productivity. An application filtering mechanism can provide layer 7 control and visibility into applications to secure transmission and access to data through any application.

You can leverage GajShield’s Firewall to implement strict data security. In addition to those mentioned above, GajShield’s Firewall has additional features that can help you build post-COVID immunity with a data security approach.

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