Channel Partner Overview

Our Value: Delivering Technology & Demand

Delivering both technology and demand allows our channel partners to:

Maximise: effort skills and risk associated with adding a new product to your marketing mix
Maximise: probability of adding early success in selling our product
Maximise: confidence in GajShield as a long-term business partner


The Situation

It is not an easy time to be a reseller. Information Technology (IT), whether it is hardware, software, or even services is becoming a commodity which can often be sourced directly from the vendor themselves. How can a reseller differentiate themselves from the competition? How can a reseller find profitable opportunities to deliver value to the end-customer? Today, the IT market is a "buyers" market where the purchasing agent can often dictate price, terms, conditions, etc. The impact on the IT distribution channel is the erosion of profit margin on goods and services sold.


The Benefits

We believe that once you have the technical and commercial competencies provided through our certification programme you will be confident in engaging with new and existing customers. We will provide new business appointments to you to ensure you are able to generate revenues fast, and we will engage in cooperative marketing activities with you to maintain the flow of demand.

Monthly reviews with your dedicated sales rep. will ensure that you have all of the technical and sales support you require to remain on target with your business plan.