Be breach-ready with GajShield’s Context-based security solutions

Troy Hunt, a web security expert and Australian regional director for Microsoft security publicized a Mega data breach of more than 87 GB of leaked passwords and email addresses. These compromised email address were from data breaches coming from different sources. The data was collected and uploaded in the popular cloud service Mega, which contained over 22 million unique passwords apart from the 773 million email addresses. These records could be accessed by anyone with an internet connection, thereby making it a wide-reaching Mega Data Breach.

Apart from external security breaches inadvertent disclosure or mishandling of confidential data by internal employees is also a significant reason for data loss. Enterprises can be breach-ready by incorporating innovative Context-based security solutions into their existing security infrastructure.

Context-based security systems are designed with built-in ‘intelligence’ to use situational information – identity, location, time, device, business function etc. – to make more effective security decisions. The need of the hour is to give the organization complete control by incorporating the following features to their current security infrastructures:

  • Improved Decision-Making: A context-aware solution uses information from multiple sources and has the ability to intelligently put it in the right context. This increases firewalls to take accurate security decisions during an incident.
  • Better Focus and Faster Response: By filtering information based on context, firewalls can reduce the need for multiple security alerts to only a few key vulnerabilities that represent the highest risk. This also enables reduction in response time
  • Detecting Advanced Threats: A context-based firewall security system is proactive in its approach and gives greater visibility and insights so IT managers can easily track what is happening on the network. This is particularly useful for thwarting next generation malware and advanced threats that are emerging
  • Operational Savings: Reduction in response time, increase in accuracy of decisions and improved focus of security strategies are all factors that collectively result in operational savings for the organization by using a firewall which implements context based security.
  • Access Control & Authentication: Context-based firewall systems are better at managing authentication and access control as they keep track of information like who is accessing what, at what location, what time, using which device etc. With high value information and sensitive data being accessed by managers through mobile devices, the need for improved access management systems is much higher today.

GajShield is an expert UTM provider specialized in Context based security solutions. Their solutions are well suited to today’s mobile and cloud-based environments as they respond more intelligently and quickly to unexpected situations.  By understanding the context of a user request, the security system or firewall can adjust the security response and control how information is delivered to the user, greatly simplifying an increasingly complex computing world and proactively addressing the issue of security breaches.

2019's first data breach

The first data breach of 2019 was reported less than 24 hours into the New Year. Not a good start for data security, but has not come as a surprise. Priority for all enterprises has to be data security and how to secure its critical assets.

The details of an estimated 30,000 Australian civil servants were stolen when a directory was downloaded by an unauthorised third party – believed to have phished the email address of a government employee in the state of Victoria.

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GajShield Security News - 26th December 2018

26th December 2018   Since 2002

Act before you are hackedOver the weekend, a friend of mine asked me this question over dinner. Knowing that I belonged to the security field, it was kind of a way to mock at me. Do we keep a security guard in our companies? Do we loose or gain business by keeping one, why should we invest in a firewall than. Isn't a firewall similar to a security guard? Others too joined in the chorus. They too started asking on whether my data will ever be attacked or hacked? And why would anyone be interested in my data? What will I loose, if my data is breached? Is the investment in a firewall worth it. 

Though there was certain arrogance but the anxiety about data security was quite evident. Interestingly everyone related a firewall to a security guard and hence the understanding of data security was missing. For them investing in a security guard in an office for the fear that someday, someone will attack was a wasteful expenditure. Wouldn't the guard be sitting idle for most of his time, eventually being used for other office work rather than being used for protection? Similarly, will a firewall help him to increase his business? If not, why should he invest in one.

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Santa at the airport


Digital transformation to contribute $154 bn to India's GDP by 2021

According to a recent report from online skilling provider Simplilearn, digital transformation of industries will contribute $154 billion to India’s GDP by 2021 and will create thousands of high paying jobs.

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New norm to setoff data center boom

The Draft Protection Bill, which has mooted a ban on the transfer of sensitive personal data outside India and is likely to be tabled in the winter session of Parliament, is all set to trigger an explosive growth in the Indian data center market.

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Private-public partnership for cyber security

Given the decentralised nature of cyberspace, the private sector will have to play a vital role in enforcing rules for security

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GajShield recognised in Gartner’s 2018 Asia/Pacific Context: ‘Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls'

GajShield Infotech Pvt. Ltd. a leading provider of network, cloud and data security solutions, has been recognised by Gartner in its 2018 Asia/Pacific Context: ‘Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls’

GajShield recognized in Gartner’s 2018 Asia/Pacific Context: ‘Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls’


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GajShield has always been at the fore-front in building innovate network and data security solutions which help enterprises to implement Data First security architecture and strategy, Over the years, GajShield's focus has been towards building a strong platform in data visibility and prevention with application context to identify data anomalies and zero day threats. This has lead to enhance the product platform with a superior data leak prevention and cloud security platform. We believe that being part of Gartner’s Asia/Pacific Context: ‘Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls validates our products, services and support in addressing emerging threats before they impact customer’s business

GajShield has always been a leader in innovating security technologies like Context based Data Leak Prevention, Cloud Security, Zero-day Anti-Ransomware, Oops based Management and has been ahead of the security solution curve which helps to create real security solutions of today’s and tomorrow’s enterprise. Going beyond traditional solutions, GajShield’s Data First security strategy approach has helped enterprises to secure cloud and SaaS applications. GajShield provides an integrated, best-of-breed and comprehensive cloud functionality which allows the organizations to create common, granular policies for roaming users without impacting end-point performance. GajShield believes its product innovation is setting the pace for the rest of the industry, and has led to its recognition in Gartner’s Asia/Pacific Context: ‘Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Network Firewalls'.

Apart from improving security, GajShield's 'Contextual Visibility and Protection' is able to indentify threats with little impact on performance, unlike traditional Next Generation firewalls. With the help of contextual visibility, GajShield's security engine are able to quickly identify suspected traffic and send it for further evaluation without reducing performance of network traffic. Contextual visibility help to identify zero day threats protecting with reduced false positive and higher accuracy. 

GajShield’s context sensitive Data Leak Prevention system understand web application by creating context which helps an enterprise to setup policies based on the SaaS or cloud applications instead of IPs or organisation users, which have no relevance to the above application. Each context bring higher visibility which helps to protect data leaks from an enterprise. For example, you can create policies based on the ‘From’, ‘To’, ‘Subject’, ‘Email Data’, ‘Attachments’ of SaaS based email applications like Google, Yahoo etc, preventing intentional or un-interntional data leaks.

GajShield Security News - 5th December 2018

5th December 2018   Since 2002

Most of us would have seen the movie, Mr. India during our childhood. If not, do watch the movie. It is one of India’s first well directed science fiction movie. In short, the story is about Mogambo who wants to conquer India. He is looking for a secret formula using which an invidiual can become invisible. Fortunately for us Indians, the secret formula lands with Aruna Verma (Anil Kapoor), the hero of this movie and he saves us from Mogambo. What would have happened, if Mogambo would have got access to the secret formula of invisibility? He would have destroyed us as how would our arm forces or police machinary fought an invisible enemy. An iconic movie and very relevant for the security industry.

Unlike Mr. India, in cyber security, Mogambo has always had the secret formula of invisibility. Not only he, but his attacks too are invisible to us. They breach our network and data, easily without us even being aware of it. Existing firewalls are fighting an invisible enemy without having the tools to idenitfy these threats and defend against them. Like Mr. India, we need a red glass through which we can see these threats. A tool, which will help in providing visibility and bring context to the data that is flowing through our network, enhancing our capibility to identify external and internal threats.

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Security going too far


Quora Announces Data Breach Affecting 100 Mn Users Globally: 20.7% visitors are from India 

US-based question and answer platform Quora announced that personal data of almost 100 Mn Quora users was breached with a “malicious” third party gaining unauthorised access to one of the company’s systems. 

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Bug in new app, HDFC bank returns to old 

HDFC Bank on Monday said it is restoring its old mobile banking on IOS and Google Play after its new app crashed and was not available for more than a week. HDFC Bank clarified there has been no data breach, loss of customer data or security issues with the mobile application. 

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SEBI releases cyber security framework for brokers, depositories

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) on Monday came out with a cyber security framework for stock brokers and depositories. The guidelines would come into force on April 1, 2019, SEBI said in a circular. "As part of the operational risk management framework to manage risk to systems, networks and databases from cyber attacks and threats, stock brokers/depository participants should formulate a comprehensive cyber security and cyber resilience policy document encompassing the framework," the circular said.

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