Reinventing security for roaming user with GajShield’s Enterprise Cloud

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As mobile work scenarios increase, secure data communication surpasses traditional network security solutions. Furthermore, most of the organizations have a decentralized structure where, often several individuals are responsible for business decisions. Organizations with decentralized structures have multiple distributions. These distributions have different kind of users like branch users (2 to 5 users per branch), store users (single systems connected to the internet), sales or marketing executives which are roaming users, etc. If we consider Road-warriors itself, there are multiple risks associated with them. Road warriors may use laptops for communication while roaming outside the network which itself poses so many risks relating to the company’s data or information. Though enterprises provide end-point protection, they do not take necessary steps to secure their network gateway. Road warriors or roaming users further exacerbate this problem with their access to the Internet often bypassing all security controls.

GajShield’s Enterprise cloud aims at tackling all these problems by providing a comprehensive solution targeting all the types of users by enforcing risk mitigation and policy enforcement through its next generation firewall appliance. The GajShield cloud eliminates the cost of acquiring point products, the cost of deploying them, and the costs of maintaining them. Companies can simply define their corporate security, control, and compliance policy by accessing the GajShield Enterprise Cloud. The web traffic leaving the PC is easily redirected to data centres in GajShield’s Cloud maintained by the organisation. End user traffic bound for the Internet is allowed, blocked, or throttled based on an organisation’s policy. This eliminates the risk of data violation or vulnerability to attacks in case of roaming users as all the traffic coming from the roaming users is also directed via the corporate gateway. GajShield’s integrated and comprehensive enterprise cloud functionality thus, centrally provides security and control to the roaming users and the laptops provided to them by their organizations, at any location. The Cloud client secures roaming users even when they use insecure networks (public WiFi, etc.) Moreover, all the processing is done in the cloud and hence there’s no performance impact.

Key Features:

  • Roaming users comply to company policies even when they are not in the network
  • Cloud Client enforces and routes all traffic securely through the Cloud Firewall (Public or Private)
  • Secures rroaming users even when they use insecure networks (public Wi-Fi etc.)
  • Central policies eith ease of management for Roaming Users
  • Connect/disconnect status report

Another risk pertaining to roaming users is the risk of data leak. Employees (inhouse or roaming users), whether their intent is innocent or malicious, can easily send a Webmail or IM with confidential information. Private information, such as consumers’ Social Security and credit card numbers, is protected by government regulations and leakage creates legal liabilities and harms brand reputation. Further, leaks of sensitive company information risk financial loss. This is riskier in case of a road warriors. To overcome these issues with respect to data leak, GajShield’s DLP solution provides in-depth visibility to the data which is sent out of your network. Mobile users or Road-warriors comply to company policies even when they are not in the network and central policies with ease of management for mobile users facilitates high end infrastructure protecting cloud user.

In addition to these features, Extensive URL and Application filtering provides complete control over data and browsing on the network.
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