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Business leaders often think that using public cloud applications keeps their data secure. However, while cloud applications offer an increased level of security. However, data stored on cloud, although safer in certain aspects than that stored on-premise, is also vulnerable to hacks and breaches. There have been multiple instances of public cloud data breach reported in recent years. Public cloud data can be vulnerable due to misconfigurations applied by the users. These misconfigurations can result in the data on your public cloud becoming vulnerable to leaks and hacks. These misconfigurations can be hard to find and fix. It has been reported that 99% of misconfigurations go unreported, and can take weeks to fix if ever identified. Even using tools like a virtual private network may not be enough to ensure complete cloud security.


To prevent such discrepancies, businesses need greater transparency into their cloud data and communications. They need a firewall solution with enhanced cloud security and deep visibility. Such a solution can enable cybersecurity teams to enforce uniform data loss prevention policies across their network, including their public cloud applications using a Data leak protection solution combined with CASB(Cloud Access Security Broker) and Contextual Intelligence Engine for an greater in-depth visibility, data and network security. Thus, safeguarding from data breaches and accidental leaks. Such tools can also enables cybersecurity personnel to spot faulty configurations with ease by provide complete visibility into the system. These can then be fixed quickly, preventing potential damages that could be otherwise caused due to an unsecured public cloud.

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