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The novel coronavirus pandemic, also referred to as COVID-19, has already created widespread panic and threatens to disrupt business operations across the world. Governments in all major cities have advised, and in some cases, mandated businesses to allow their employees to work from home.In order to work from home, employees need unfettered access to the enterprise applications, data, and other IT resources using their personal devices. However, businesses need to ensure that while allowing remote access these resources and services, they must prevent them from being illicitly used by third parties or being leaked via public networks. They can do so by using an enterprise cloud security solution that can enable remote access without making data security an issue.

By using an enterprise cloud security solution, businesses can enable employees to work from home while:

  • enforcing data security policies and ensuring compliance from users even when they are out of the enterprise network;
  • managing user access to critical data and applying security controls even if employees use their personal laptops from their homes;
  • ensuring the confidentiality of all the data sent across the network by routing it through the head office firewall; and
  • securing enterprise users even when they use their home or public Wi-Fi networks.

Thus, by using GajShield enterprise cloud security solution that offers complete data security, businesses can ensure that their operations remain uninterrupted despite emergencies like the ongoing pandemic and be prepared for future contingencies.

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