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Enterprises aren’t able to solve this issue despite knowing its significance, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. This is primarily to do with the drastically increased work for home/remote working force. The enterprises are failing to bring them under the surveillance of the head office’s firewall. The other reasons for the lack of data visibility are the high variability and volume of users, devices, applications, and data involved in enterprise operations combined with the lack of resources and technology to monitor them with greater efficiency and the ability to understand the data travelling.

Enterprises need to have visibility on all the data that is been sent out of the organization not just from a big-picture, but also on a detailed, granular level. To do so, they need sophisticated data security tools that can offer complete visibility into enterprise operations, including details about every bit of information that is sent and received by the organization and create context of the communication for better security. By deploying Enterprise Cloud solution on remote users’ laptops and computers, the solution will enforce the traffic to be routed through the head office’s GajShield Firewall backed by contextual Intelligence Engine. With this, enterprises can ensure that they get real-time visibility into the data of the remote workforce and also with the GajShield Firewall Deployed at the Head Office, all the enterprise’s users under the firewall to prevent any unauthorized communications that lead to a breach of confidentiality and consequently, a competitive disadvantage. These tools can automate the process of filtering out communications that violate the organization’s data security policies and notifying cybersecurity teams about all such highly suspicious communications.


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