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As a result, firewall solutions have evolved a lot from offering simple layer-1 or physical layer security to the layer-7 or application layer security.

But Layer-7 security limits firewalls to analyze data at application interfaces only, i.e., at the points where the data enters or leaves an application. However, it does not offer any visibility or control over how the applications use this data. These applications could be in the form of SaaS tools or other web-based applications. The vulnerabilities and flaws in the applications can lead to data leaks. This means the data is not secure despite have visibility.

To overcome this flaw, enterprises must adopt data security approach that offers a deeper layer of visibility and control, such a GajShield Firewall. GajShield’s Firewall goes beyond application-layer visibility and identifies critical data even when it is used on SaaS and web-based applications. As a result, it can prevent data leaks when shared using such tools. Additionally, a data security firewall uses contextual intelligence to gain a deeper understanding of data transactions. By doing so, it can detect even the most well-masked attempts to share critical data outside the organization, thereby eliminating the risk of data loss regardless of the application being used.


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