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With the mission to deliver best of technology to deal with “Zero-Day” threat for a “carefree network and internet experience”, GajShield since its inception in 2002, focuses on providing Security Solution to Corporates and Government agencies. Sonit Jain CEO at GajShield is leading and continuously innovating the company’s portfolio of modular integrated security solutions for UTM.

A seasoned and successful entrepreneur, Sonit Jain, CEO, GajShield Infotech talks on vocal for local, impact of pandemic and road ahead for cyber security market.

How does the ‘Vocal for Local’ call by PM Modi impact and influence Indian grown technology brand like Gajshield? 

GajShield products have mature over time backed with strong quality and innovation, which are already well accepted across the globe. The recent call ‘Vocal for Local’, by India’s PM will reinstate the pride back to select and accept quality Indian products that are Made in India, built for the World. This appeal will future impart an impetus to our team to accelerate the growth within the Indian market.

GajShield has the distinction of being the only Indian Brand, operating in the Indian firewall space since 2002. We have deployed over 10,000+ firewalls spread across geographic regions in India, Europe, United States, Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and South-East Asian countries.

Do you see increased demand for security products with work from home and remote workforce for organizations due to COVID-19? How is your team coping with new demand?

COVID-19 has changed the way we work. With the increased adoption of work from home, enterprises face challenges with not only securing the remote user from cyber-attacks but also ensuring data security and prevent accidental, intentional data leaks by these remote users.

Our Enterprise Cloud Solution helps to monitor and control data transactions across Web, SaaS and Cloud applications and protecting these Work from Home users from external threats. It enforces the enterprise's security policies on these users to control access to malicious applications that pose as a threat to the organization while protecting them from cyber threats.

We are providing limited, free licenses of our enterprise cloud security solution to our customers during this pandemic.

We address major security challenges and deliver solutions for client’s current and future needs that includes remote & roaming user’s security, DLP, seamless branch connectivity and more have helped in constant product innovation, creating advanced real security solutions of today’s and tomorrow’s enterprise.

Does Gajshield portfolio encompass robust GTM and domain knowledge in the seemingly crowded firewall market?

I agree that the firewall market is crowded, but the firewall technology isn’t. Firewall technology needs to keep pace with the advancement in technology and the change in threat patterns. Earlier it was perimeter visibility and control, then came application visibility and control. The need of the hour is data visibility and control.

Many firewalls are unable to keep pace thus leaving only the innovative ones to compete. GajShield is well placed with its expertise in firewall data security products.

What are the USPs of GajShield compared to other MNC brands like Sophos, SonicWall to name a few? 

We understand the importance of data as an asset to enterprise and provide firewall solution that uses an All-New Data Security Approach, for new-age data threats as opposed to the older Perimeter and Application Security.

Experts agree that securing data and preventing its exploitation is a top priority for CISO. Our newer approach gives deeper visibility into data threat surface and allows to control data transactions. This approach combined with our integrated Data Leak Prevention Solution takes appropriate action to protect the organization’s critical data being illicitly used and prevent exploitation, improving the overall health of data security in an organisation.

Further to this, we also address remote working security challenges with our solution - Enterprise Cloud that allow organizations to ensure data security for the remote, roaming, work from home users, being the need of the hour during this pandemic.

If you could highlight your three priorities for remainder of 2020.

First, market expansion is a top priority as we make deep inroads into Indian and international markets. GajShield will expand its channel partner network in both National and International to help spread our reach further deeper into our target locations. And technological advancement as always in line with technology trends globally is a focus as enhance and strengthen our data security platform with AI and user pattern & behavioural analysis.

What technology trends will in more demand for CIOs and CSOs post COVID-19? 

Data Security is the newest trend to stay for a long time. Covid-19 has normalized work from home culture, hence security for such users will be one of the top priority for CIOs and CSOs. IoT Devices are set to grow exponentially, and using IoT to mask attacks will increase drastically and hence securing connected IoT devices will be important.

At Gajshield, we understand data, its value as an asset to organizations and the importance of protecting it without disrupting primary business activity. Our approach of looking beyond traditional security solutions and focusing on Data Security Approach is a leap forward in the security solution industry that is helping enterprises to secure their data from being exploited.

To end a great conversation, what has been your leadership mantras as a technology entrepreneur over the past 26 years and counting?

Throwing money at a problem does not solve it, there is no replacement for innovation. I have always believed to focus on a few things and do them well. Often doing things what others would not dare doing it have given good results. However strong the storm may be, keep going. The fun is in the journey, not the destination.


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