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Most firewalls, including next-generation firewalls, are not enough to combat all email spoofing attacks because most of the firewall operates on standard protocols and policies. Hence you require something that goes beyond a next-generation firewall, i.e., a data security approach.

How Gajshield combats email spoofing

A data security approach allows you to develop your own cybersecurity policies so that your firewall is not limited to inspecting and working based on standard protocols. This helps to incorporate email authenticity specific to your business needs and data security policies to monitor and control data threat surface. It also provides complete control and visibility over data inflow and outflow. With complete visibility, the cybersecurity team can monitor all the emails that your employees receive and send and control data transactions.

GajShield firewall also uses contextual intelligence for deep packet inspection and verifying granular details for DMARC and DKIM checks. DMARC and DKIM are both email authentication techniques that enable the receiver of a mail to confirm that the received email is indeed sent by the authorized owner of that domain. DKIM uses digital signatures, while DMARC uses a combination of the DKIM and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) protocol to authenticate an email message. A GajShield firewall enhances DMARC and DKIM checks by finding recurring spoofing patterns in the message body along with and stores them with GajShield’s Threat Labs for a faster security action in future.

A firewall like Gajshield goes beyond the next-generation protection includes features like context-based data leak prevention, email security, and enterprise cloud security. All such features provide control over the inflow and outflow of data to provide complete visibility and enhance data security. You can benefit greatly from GajShield firewall, which includes several additional features along with the ones mentioned above, to combat data threats beyond just email spoofing.


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