Complete Visibility

Complete Visibility

Hundreds of applications, users and content is passing through an enterprise network which is unseen by current firewall devices as they identify only ports, protocols and IP address. These solutions are insufficient to identify evasive, port hopping applications and content traversing from a enterprise creating a whole lot of productivity and security issues in a enterprise network.

Internet connectivity can be used for business purpose like research, information sites, business applications like VOIP, ERP, CRM, Web hosted applications and at the same time for non business purpose like social networking, gaming, adult content, P2P, streaming media and music downloads.

GajShield – the next generation Firewall - gives complete visibility of Applications, Content, Users and Threats to pro-actively secure network, increase productivity and performance. GajShield allows customers to regain visibility and control over applications and more importantly Content traversing out of the network.


GajShield Next Generation Firewall appliance provides

  • Complete visibility of the applications and bandwidth used.
  • Complete visibility of evasive applications like P2P and Skype application.
  • Complete insight on :
    • Content upload via Web uploads ex: webmail, Social networking sites, Blogs, Instant Messaging, Mail.
    • Content sent through email.
    • Content sent through Instant Messaging.
  • Comprehensive reporting on :
    • Top Internet Users.
    • Top Bandwidth Users.
    • User/Group Activity.
    • Application Traffic.
    • P2P Usage.
    • URL/Category Usage.
    • Total Internet Traffic.
    • Application Traffic, Total Traffic, Application set and application detail.
    • Web Browsing by URL, Category and User.
    • Trend Analysis of applications, users and bandwidth.
    • Current, Daily, Monthly, Yearly reports.