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enterprise cybersecurity teams are often let down by firewall solutions that fail to enforce their security policies across a variety of devices and networks(like public Wi-Fi hotspots). As a result, they are vulnerable to data leaks through the devices carried by their roaming users.


That’s why, to prevent data leaks by roaming users using laptops regardless of the network they use, enterprises should adopt a next-generation firewall solution with enhanced security for roaming users. The enterprise cloud solutions ensure that all users, roaming or otherwise, are secured when they access enterprise data and applications through the cloud by enforcing and routing network through the HO firewall. Even if they use public Wi-Fi networks, the cloud security solution scans every packet of data being transmitted by users with its Deep packet Inspection (DPI) capability. As a result, if any communication to or from the cloud contains sensitive data that shouldn’t leave the organization, the firewall blocks such communications based on defined policies. It also identifies malware and suspicious files that can infect the enterprise network and blocks them from running and causing harm to the enterprise network using Advanced Threat Protection.

Thus, using a contextually-intelligent enterprise cloud security solution, businesses can ensure that their roaming users do not compromise their data while also ensuring performance, flexibility and security.


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